Scott Bader North America Promoting Adhesives and Advanced Composites Materials at CAMX 2016, California, USA

Scott Bader North America Promoting Adhesives and Advanced Composites Materials at CAMX 2016, California, USA

A newly renamed Scott Bader North America (SBNA) is exhibiting at CAMX 2016 (booth S46) from September 27-29 in Anaheim, California. The innovative, advanced materials on show for manufacturing high performance composite components include: advanced gelcoats; high performance resins for producing lightweight and fire rated glass and carbon FRP parts; an extensive range of structural adhesives suitable for bonding a wide range of substrates; core bonding compounds and gap-filling bonding pastes; matched tooling systems for high quality plug and mold making. The new SBNA website and new Scott Bader Group corporate theme 'Making a Positive Difference' will also be promoted during CAMX.  

With a continued focus on growing its adhesives product offering, this year Scott Bader will be showcasing two new products at CAMX, recently added to the Crestabond® primerless methacrylate adhesives range: Crestabond M1-02, with a sub-three minute fixture time, aimed at higher volume assembly of metal, plastic and composite components; Crestabond PP-04, a 1:1 mix ratio grade specifically developed for rapidly bonding low surface energy thermoplastics, including polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). All grades of Crestabond, providing excellent adhesion strength, toughness, fatigue and impact resistance, with virtually no need to do any pre-application surface preparation or apply a primer. These combined attributes, along with the versatility to bond most metal and polymer based engineering materials provide many manufacturers with significant cost savings and productivity benefits during assembly. The current range offers a choice of 10 grades, with both 10:1 and 1:1 mix ratio options, in grey and black colors for bonding both glass and carbon fiber reinforced FRP and plastic parts, developed to provide cost effective joining and assembly solutions for applications in automotive, transportation, marine and building markets.

Also featured is the established range of Crestomer® urethane acrylate structural adhesives, used primarily for bonding large GRP composite parts together in marine and building applications, plus the extensive range of Poly-Bond® and Crystic® repair, gap-filling and general purpose bonding compounds, with grade options suitable for bonding both polyester and vinyl ester fiberglass parts. For manufacturing FRP sandwich laminate parts with foam or balsa cores by infusion or RTM, Core-Bond® grades and priming resins are available, and for compression closed molding, Poly-Bond B55 and B55LV (low viscosity version) displacement molding compounds (DMC) are also available in the SBNA range.  

Key Scott Bader Advanced Materials on display during CAMX will be marine approved and fire retardant (FR) Crystic gelcoat grades, plus the complete range of Crestapol® high performance methacrylate-based thermosetting resins, available with grade options compatible with glass, carbon and aramid fibers that can be processed by hand lay-up, infusion, RTM and pultrusion.     All Crestapol® grades can be heavily alumina trihydrate (ATH) filled, offering designers a combination of superior mechanical strength, toughness, outstanding fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) performance, able to meet many of the stringent fire specifications required for building, rail, marine, and mass transportation applications using composite components. 

The range of high performance Matched Tooling Systems offered is comprehensive, covering the four key stages from plug making to mold building; there is a choice of Poly-Fair® plug making and Crystic plug finishing products, plus barriercoats and print blockers, tooling gelcoats, skin coats, and mold build resins to suit a wide range of mold making needs.

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