Corporate and Social Responsibility

Scott Bader has a long-standing reputation for ethical, social and environmental concern and responsibility. This has been facilitated by our unique and progressive history and company structure.

Scott Bader was founded in 1921 by Ernest Bader. He wanted to create a company whose well-being is entrusted to those who work in it, by championing democratic involvement inside the organisation. Accordingly, in 1951, the company was gifted to the workers. Shares of the chemical manufacturing company were transferred to Scott Bader Commonwealth Limited (‘the Commonwealth’), a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity, thereby incorporating Scott Bader into the local and wider community.

When the Commonwealth was formed, Ernest Bader provided a set of principles by which to operate. Today these are our ‘Values’. They are:

Commitment, Responsibility, Team Working and Fairness

These core values are accepted throughout the Scott Bader Group as the key principles we work by and are measured on.

Where do our products go?

Today Scott Bader is a global market player in a wide number of key resin chemistries including:

Polyester resin-based products. For the manufacture of composite parts for end-use markets such as marine, land transport, building and construction, wind energy, and tanks and pipes.
Water based emulsions/thickeners and solvent based resins. For use in the coatings, graphic arts/packaging, building and textile sectors as well as other industrial areas.
Urethane Acrylate. For adhesives, fire retardants and carbon fibre composites.

We specifically do not and will not sell our products to any company seeking to manufacture weapons of war.

What do we do for our customers?

We offer our customers cutting-edge innovation, quality and technical expertise. And we invest heavily in R&D to create long-term sustainability for our customers and the wider world. Examples include:

Active advocacy and representation on behalf of our industry and our customers. We endeavour to ensure that their needs and interests are fully considered by legislators and opinion-formers.
The provision of health, safety and environmental specialist advice. We work to minimise the risk to human health from our customers' operations, and to reduce their wider environmental impact.
Continually searching out new, innovative products and chemistries. We strive to find new ways of delivering real customer value from products with a lower overall environmental impact and carbon footprint. And, ideally, from naturally available and renewable resources.


Because of the way Scott Bader is structured, we do not have to reward shareholders.  Instead, we provide money to charity and community causes and reinvest in R&D in order to continually develop improved technology that will benefit people and the environment.

We regard profit as:
• just one of the measures of business success
• necessary to sustain Scott Bader
• a means by which we can fulfil our purpose.

Ethical Policy

At Scott Bader we seek to act as an example to others in all we do – especially in the business ethics by which we function.

Our original founding principles, laid down by Ernest Bader, placed an emphasis on operating with a high level of openness, honesty and ethics. And this is something we still expect from every Scott Bader employee today.

In fact, it runs through our entire global operation. Scott Bader will comply fully with all local legislation wherever we work. And we are committed to applying the highest standards of business and behaviour right across our organisation.


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