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Meet our Speciality Polymer Business Team

If we say so ourselves, we have a great Speciality Polymer Business Team! Together, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise delivering Speciality Polymer solutions to customers all over the globe.

Meet the team:

Andrej Potezica is the Group Commercial Director for Speciality Polymers, Managing Director of Scott Bader d.o.o. (Croatia), Head of Sales SB Croatia – Speciality Polymers and Purchasing Manager at Scott Bader d.o.o.. (Croatia)

Andrej has a Masters degree in mechanical engineering. The first 10 years of his professional career involved working in the mechanical engineering industry on different technical, R&D and commercial positions.  He joined Scott Bader in 2005 as Operations Manager for Scott Bader d.o.o (Croatia), and in 2007 was promoted to Managing Director of Scott Bader d.o.o. (Croatia) whilst also taking over activities in commercial areas, both as Site Purchasing Manager and Regional (Central and South Europe) Sales Manager for solvent-based resins within the Speciality Polymers business. Over a four year period Andrej was also the Chairman of Scott Bader Eastern Europe in the Czech Republic.

During 2018 he was appointed Group Commercial Director for Speciality Polymers whilst still maintaining his other regional/local roles in Croatia.

Mark Stanion is Business Development Manager for Speciality Polymers

Based in the UK, Mark’s principal responsibilities include managing long and short term projects for the Speciality Polymers global business. Mark studied chemistry and has 20 years of experience in both synthesis and technical services.

Neil James has been the Head of Sales for Speciality Polymers in the UK since October 2018.

Since graduating in 1985, he has held a variety of technical, manufacturing and commercial roles within the chemical/polymer industry. In that time, Neil has had the pleasure of working with and representing many internationally recognised companies.  He is now enjoying new challenges in his role at Scott Bader.

Gavin Louw is a Product Manager for water based Speciality Polymers.

In February this year he transferred to Scott Bader UK from Scott Bader South Africa, where for the past 7 years he had been the Speciality Polymers Business Manager. Gavin has 17 years of experience in coatings related industries.

Philippe Piret is Head of Sales for Speciality Polymers at Scott Bader France.

He joined Scott Bader in 2007 as Sales Manager after a career in a French chemical company involved in polymers and additives for industrial markets. Philippe has a technical background in polymeric materials. Since joining Scott Bader, Philippe’s sales responsibilities have grown in different European countries and as Key Account Manager with a Technical Expert position for the sales team for the building and construction market.

Last year, Philippe was appointed as Head of Sales France where, with the support of his sales team, he is committed to working for the success of the Speciality Polymers business.

Ryan Yaworski is the Sales and Product Manager for North America.

He has degrees in polymers &  coatings technology and chemistry from Eastern Michigan University. Ryan joined Scott Bader in 2013 and has 17 years of sales and lab experience in the Speciality Polymer industries including CASE, HI&I and non-woven industries.

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