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Crestabond® M1-90HV Structural Adhesive

Crestabond M1-90HV is a toughened 10:1 MMA structural adhesive, specifically designed for use on large structures thanks to a working time of 70-100 minutes, fixture time of 210-240 minutes, and a gap-filling capability of 1-50mm.

This acrylic adhesive is designed for bonding with composites, thermoplastics and metals, with no need for primers or additional materials and processes during application, allowing for greater design flexibility and increasing production efficiency. Recommended application temperature is 18 to 25°C and all surfaces should be clean, dry and dust-free before bonding.

Crestabond M1-90HV is suitable for industrial use and has been designed for demanding structural and environmental applications. It has high strength, modulus and toughness, as well as exceptional sage, peel and shear resistance.

Our Crestabond adhesives have a 12-month shelf life and should be stored out of direct sunlight, in temperatures between 2 and 23°C. Find out more about our full Crestabond range in our latest brochure, and contact us to discuss the most suitable adhesive for your application.

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