Crestafix® B39 Adhesive

Crestafix B39 and Crestafix B39HP (High Production – shorter gel time) are high strength pumpable polyester-based gap-filling adhesives formulated for the production environment in boatbuilding and general fiberglass fabrication. They are used to bond hull-to-decks, liners, stringers and transoms. Both products have an exceptional track record having been used for over 10 years in thousands of boats of varying sizes.

  • No volume loss when pumping
  • Unique rheology – will stack and hang, even overhead
  • Flows under shear results in high output of over 2 gallons/minute
  • Low operating pressure
  • Color change upon cure when using red catalyst
  • Wets out substrate resulting in high adhesion strength resulting in fiber-tear
  • Water resistant – high quality fillers that do not absorb moisture
  • Thickness range from 1/8” – 1” (3 – 25mm)

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