Fire, Smoke & Toxicity (FST)

Our diverse range of Crestafire® high performance, fire retardant resins and gelcoats offer complete systems for the most demanding fire, smoke and toxic fume applications whilst meeting European and Global standards and performance ratings.

Unsaturated polyester resins used to make Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) are organic and like all organic compounds, they will burn. Certain applications such as rail, marine, land transportation and building need systems that delay burning long enough for effective evacuation. Our Crestafire® range of fire retardant resins, gelcoats and topcoats provide this fire protection for composite structures.

In some areas, especially interior applications, there is an additional focus on low levels of smoke and toxic fume emissions during burning. These requirements are readily met using our urethane acrylate Crestapol® resins which enable rapid processing by pultrusion or closed mould methods.

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