Graphic Arts

Our main focus in the Graphic Arts market is in meeting the needs of customers producing Flexible Packaging. As a speciality resins supplier we understand the performance that the market demands  and we work closely with our customers to provide technical solutions.

We offer a wide portfolio of Texicryl waterborne emulsions for:

  • Overprint varnishes (OPVs) and inks for paper and board
  • Blister seal adhesives and heat seal coatings for food and other specialist packaging
  • Inks and coatings for low energy substrates such as film and foil applications

We also offer Texicryl solid resins and solutions for:

  • Enhancing gloss of waterbased OPVs
  • Improvement of pigment wetting and resolubility
  • Pigment dispersion and formulation of fluid inks.

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