HI&I and Car Care

We are renowned for manufacturing a unique product line of thickeners that is widely used in many industries. This product line has recently been introduced to the HI&I (Household, Industrial & Institutional) and Car Care markets and is rapidly being incorporated by formulators into new product development as well as new and improved reformulations.

Utilising a variety of chemistries, this product line offers many advantages not found in the competitive realm of thickeners. Our products are supplied as liquids. They can be added at any place in the formulation and are extremely efficient. Because they work in a broad pH range, one product is often capable of replacing several competitive thickeners.

HI& I (Household, Industrial & Institutional)

The HI& I (Household, Industrial & Institutional) market is often referred to as the Jan San (Janitorial Supply) market. As the industry well knows, cleaner formulations won’t work if they have little contact time with the surface they’re trying to clean. Our products are sheer thinning allowing for better wettability and better product performance. Also, the broad pH range allows formulators to thicken products at both ends of the spectrum (eg. Shower, tile, and grout cleaners, oven cleaners, d-limonene degreasers)

Car Care

The Car Care market has similar needs to HI&I. But, additionally this market is often formulating with silicones (tyre dressings) and creating pastes (car waxes) as well as a variety of other unique cleaners (eg. leather cleaners). Our line of thickeners is extremely effective in all these formulations.

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