The global transport industry has used Crystic® resins, gelcoats and adhesives for many years – on buses, trucks, vans, trains, recreational vehicles, ambulances and cars. Our composite materials have superior strength, durability and weather resistance so they require minimal maintenance and any accidental damage can be easily repaired.

Resins, Gelcoats, Topcoats

We offer Crestafire® high-performance fire retardant resins, gelcoats and topcoats designed to meet all requirements from stringent fire specifications to sandable gelcoats for post-painting. Our superior weathering gelcoats and barriercoats ensure that parts look good long-term.

Crestabond® Adhesives

Our Crestabond® Adhesives are particularly suited to the demands of the transport industry. They bond a wide range of dissimilar metals and plastics and offer a range of working times to suit all production processes. Our patented range of structural adhesives require minimal surface preparation and cure very quickly allowing fast processing times in production where required.

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