Crystic® Fireguard Gelcoat 75PA (B)

For laminates that may be accidentally exposed to direct flame, Crystic Fireguard 75PA (B) is an intumescent topcoat that offers excellent fire protection in accordance with BS476 Part 6 and 7 Class 1. It has been designed for internal use within the marine, building and transport industries and is therefore suitable for demanding applications. It may be used for external applications, however when exposed to natural weathering surface gloss may be lost.

Crystic 75PA (B) Excel is ideal for use on porous surfaces such as wood and FRP laminates, using brush application. It should be applied to the reverse side of a GRP laminate, which must be clean and dry without any sheen or gloss. It should have a minimum coating thickness of 0.7mm for the above fire standards to be met.

The topcoat should be mixed with a catalyst of MEKP (50%) for the curing reaction to begin, and should then be stirred well to avoid aeration. When in use, Crystic 75PA (B) Excel, the application surface and workshop should all be at or above 15°C. Under these conditions, it should be touch dry in 1-2 hours.

We supply Crystic Fireguard 75PA (B) Excel in black, white and grey as standard, though other colours are available upon request and subject to order size. Discuss your application requirements with your local Scott Bader distributor by getting in touch today.

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