Crystic® Fireguard Gelcoat 75PA (S)

Crystic Fireguard Gelcoat 75PA (S) Excel is an intumescent topcoat suitable for use in the marine, building, and transport industries. While designed for internal use, with less weather resistance than standard polyester gelcoats, it is superior to most intumescent paints.

It is an unsaturated polyester resin, formulated for spray application, and is available in standard white, grey or black, although other colours can be custom made subject to order quantities. Additional pigments and additives are not recommended as they may affect the quality of the cure.

Crystic Fireguard Gelcoat 75PA (S) Excel is not suitable for use on metals, however, it provides outstanding fire protection for FRP laminates as well as wood and other slightly porous surfaces. Before application, surfaces should be clean and dry, with any gloss or sheen removed, to help ensure a Class 1 fire rating at BS476 standard.

Before use, Crystic 75PA (S) should attain a workshop temperature of 18°C to 20°C and be stirred by hand or using a low shear mixer. It requires only the addition of a catalyst for the curing process to begin, which should be carried out at temperatures over 15°C, with the resin, surface and workshop all at, or above, this temperature.

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