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Crystic® Orthophthalic Resin 4003PA

Crystic 4003PA is a low viscosity, unsaturated orthophthalic polyester resin, supplied as a solution dissolved in monomeric styrene. The resin is designed for use as a potting compound for electrical components such as ballasts and chokes.

This resin gives excellent wetting of fillers and fine detail in components can be achieved due to high filler loadings. Its composition means it generates a low exothermic heat during the curing process, making it ideal for thick components as they will be unlikely to crack.  It also releases air quickly and effectively, meaning the final product will be free from air bubbles.

At room temperature, Crystic 4003PA requires only the addition of the correct amount of Norox catalyst to cure. Its gel time is dependent on the temperature and amount of catalyst used, and you should consult your datasheet before use to find the correct formulation for you. Depending on your intended result, this resin can be pigmented and filled with mineral filler, however care should be taken when selecting the correct additives for your needs.

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