Crystic® CiPP Resin PD9352PA(I)

Crystic PD 9352 PA(I) is a pre-accelerated, chemical resistant isophthalic polyester resin. It is designed specifically for use in the Cured in Place Plastic Pipe (CiPP) industry, using innovative technology to form a new structural pipe within an existing deteriorated pipe.

PD 9352 PA(I) castings have excellent stability and strength retention in elevated temperatures and wet environments, making them ideal for use in tropical climates. Finished mouldings also have high mechanical properties and toughness, so are well suited for industrial and heavy use applications.

This resin is formulated for use both in its pure state or with aggregates and requires the addition of a catalyst for the CiPP process to begin. Due to the nature of the CiPP procedure, in which hot water is circulated throughout the pipe, the resin has a rapid cure time at high temperatures. Crystic PD 9352 PA(I) is supplied in 225kg steel containers and should be stored in a dark, dry place between 5°C and 25°C.

To find out more about this resin, take a look at our CiPP brochure, or contact our team to discuss your requirements.


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