Crystic®Vinyl Ester Resin VE676-03

Crystic VE676-03 is a bisphenol A epoxy-based, vinyl ester resin, designed for use in closed mould applications and centrifugal casting processes. Thanks to its excellent resistance to a wide range of chemical substances including acids, alkalis, and oxidising agents, it is recommended for use in the manufacture of tanks, vessels, and ducts for chemical processing and marine applications.

Once a catalyst and accelerator have been mixed with the resin, the curing process can begin in a room temperature workshop. Different amounts of catalyst and accelerator should be added to achieve your desired formulation and gel time, dependant on your specific requirements. While satisfactory laminates can be achieved by curing, for optimum results it is recommended to post-cure, especially if mouldings are to operate at high temperatures.

We supply Crystic VE676-03 in 225kg drums; it should be stored in the appropriate closed containers, in a dark storeroom with temperatures ideally below 20°C and not exceeding 30°C.

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