Texique® HE20

Texique HE20 is part of our range of bio-based personal care additives, featuring high-performance thickeners and emulsifiers that are plant-based, ethylene oxide free, and produced using 61% naturally sourced ingredients (ISO16128).

A truly versatile product, Texique HE20 is easy to use for stabilising, emulsifying and texturising, but has particularly excellent thickening properties. It is cold-processable and is ideal for use in all manner of personal care formulations, from creams to serums, when combined with emollients such as jojoba oil and glycerine.

Using patented technology, we can ensure that our Texique products have a fantastic thickening range in water, with HE20 showing optimum thickening above 2% of product. It also has pH stability between 4 and 11 as well as suitable electrolyte resistance.

Texique HE20 is the ideal bio-based, preservative-free thickener for the personal care market, available in both drums and IBCs depending on the size of your production requirements. These should be stored away from direct sunlight and between 5°C and 30°C in a dry space. Contact your local representative to place your order.

Discover more about our commitment to sustainability and the environment through our bio-based products and other initiatives by contacting Scott Bader today. To learn more about the benefits and properties of Texique HE20, download our datasheet or watch our video below.

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