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Scott Bader is an established £200 million global chemical company employing 750 people across 7 manufacturing sites and 17 offices. Using our combined global resource and expertise we continue to be a leader in the manufacturing of products for the Composites, Advanced Composites, Adhesives and Functional Polymer markets, offering a full range of technologies and manufacturing capabilities for many market sectors. We remain committed to providing quality and innovation through an ongoing investment in R&D ensuring new and existing products meet our customers’ specific needs.

Scott Bader is different to most other companies; we are a common trusteeship company with a self-governing structure. Our shares are held in trust by the Scott Bader Commonwealth Limited, a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. Having no external shareholders, we cannot be acquired so we are more stable and can plan ahead.

We do not have a web page on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – the reason for this is simple: social responsibility is our raison d’etre. CSR is not a set of actions we do alongside our day-to-day business activities: it is an integral part of who we are, what we do every day. Since its inception as a Trusteeship in 1951, Scott Bader’s philosophy has always been that a business should only exist to create value for the people of our planet. Are we perfect at embedding this notion of social responsibility in all we do? The answer is NO, but we are mindful of that and we have actions to address this situation. This is why we challenge ourselves with a bold 2036 vision, why we are deploying a balanced scorecard with a specific element on society, why we are challenging if all businesses we are in really add value to society, why our Commonwealth board is actively developing ways to engage more colleagues in charitable actions and why we want to better assess our social impact.

These are the kind of conversations and actions we are having, to make sure we stay true to our original ethos and deliver our 2036 vision.

We continue to maintain the balance between our social purpose and our business needs and are committed to supporting our people, society and the environment. We are currently on a transformational journey to achieve our long-term sustainability goals. This journey combines our 3 pillars; Business, Ecology and Humanity to form our 2036 Vision

About Scott Bader

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