Scott Bader Asia Pacific

Scott Bader Asia Pacific was set up in early 2007 and has developed a very good reputation in the Chinese market. During the 1960s, Scott Bader licensed UPR technology to China. Even today those early Crystic® formulations are still in production.

Located in Shanghai, the largest and most active economic centre of China, Scott Bader Asia Pacific now oversees business in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia. The business operates through the Composite and Specialty Polymer Divisions, mainly supplying the Wind Energy, Marine, Land Transportation, Industrial Coatings, Building & Construction, Textiles and Graphic Arts sectors.

Through its warehouse and local technical service, Scott Bader Asia Pacific endeavours to offer its customers not only premium quality Scott Bader products, but also best in class technical service, which brings its customers extra value.

For more information please contact us;

Scott Bader Asia Pacific
488 Wu Ning Road South
Shanghai 200042

Tel: +86-21-52987778
Fax: +86-21-52988889

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