Scott Bader Croatia

Scott Bader d.o.o was established in the early 1960s (at the time it was called Chromos tvornica smola d.d.) before joining with the Scott Bader Group in 1999 to become our base in Croatia. Prior to becoming the owner of Chromos tvornica smola d.d., Scott Bader had worked on improving the company’s processes, products, organisation and financial stability, while it also provided access to all of its resources and expertise.

After recognising the possibility of a complete and successful integration with the Croatian company, the Scott Bader Group went on to acquire full ownership in 2006 and in spring 2007 the company changed its name to Scott Bader d.o.o.

Scott Bader d.o.o. is a manufacturer of polyester, vinyl ester, alkyd and acrylic resins and sells its products mostly in Central and Eastern Europe, but also in several countries outside these regions through direct sales and a developed distribution network. Sales are based on trade mark and years of experience in the following markets; Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, UK, France and Portugal.

Today Scott Bader d.o.o operates its own property in the Zagreb industrial zone.

Our strategic intent is to be a sustainable best in Class Company and to pioneer the future of chemistry making a positive difference to all businesses we serve and each life we touch. Scott Bader has always been committed to protecting the environment. The use of electrical energy from renewable sources, and thus the reduction of CO2 emissions, supports our journey towards sustainability, helps in achieving our strategic intent and confirms our aspiration for socially responsible business.

For more information please contact us;

Radnička cesta 173 i
10000 Zagreb

Telephone: +385 (0) 1 240 6440