Scott Bader Ibérica

In 2002 the Scott Bader Group established a subsidiary company in Spain, which was later called Scott Bader Ibérica. The main reason for establishing Scott Bader Ibérica was to use it to position itself among the competition in the market to sell Scott Bader products in Spain and Portugal.

Located in the town of Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona, Scott Bader Ibérica has distributors strategically positioned throughout Spain and Portugal, to ensure quick and efficient delivery of Scott Bader products and services.

For more information please contact us;

Rosa M º Seijo, sales manager
Sandra Diaz, administration

Scott Bader Ibérica S.L
Trade Center II
Av. Corts Catalanes 8, planta 1, local 20
08173 Sant Cugat del Valles

Telephone: +34 93 583 17 68