Our actions Our actions

Our immediate focus

Our immediate focus and actions are primarily on reducing the waste generated during our current activities so that we can reduce material use, energy consumption and waste generation on our own sites.

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Our plans for waste

We recognise that our current waste streams may be of value to other players and are actively seeking ways to repurpose our current waste products, to ensure value is recovered and used wherever possible.

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Our plans for energy

Scott Bader consumes significant amounts of energy in its activities, using gas, liquid fuels and electricity to power and heat its processes.

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Our raw materials

Our initial focus with our raw materials is to reduce our consumption by improving yields and processing efficiencies, and to focus our new product development activity on safer, alternative raw materials, including bio-based raw materials from renewable sources.

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Our plans for our value chains

Scott Bader is now actively contributing to industry studies on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for the Composite products and value chains, and on potential Circular Economy models for FRP/Composites products.

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