Our philosophy Our philosophy

In 1951, the preamble of our first constitution was asking the question: “…to what extent violence resides in the demands we make upon the earth’s resources…?”

Since that date, Scott Bader has always been very conscious of the importance of respecting nature and minimizing our environmental footprint. We believe that a healthy environment is the pre-requisite for any society to function and therefore any business to thrive. It is the most precious common asset we have.

Over the years several projects and product developments contributed to that belief. We have for instance been the first to commercialize a zero styrene gelcoat. All Scott Bader facilities are equipped with LED lighting. Since 2007, our Croatian site reports its environmental performance under the United Nations Global Compact reporting initiative.

At the end of 2016, we decided to embark on a more ambitious journey to not only further reduce our environmental impact but also be a driving force for our industry.

We partnered with The Natural Step® and Sustainability Growth Associates® to develop a robust sustainability roadmap. The ecology pillar has been developed according to the 3 science-based principles of The Natural Step framework:

In a sustainable society, nature is not subject to systematically increasing…
…concentrations of substances from the Earth’s crust
…concentrations of substances, produced by society
…degradation by physical means

By 2036 we will have a net positive impact on the environment from all our own operations globally. Collaborating actively with our partners, we will drive all our value chains towards a regenerative, positive impact on the environment through the products and services we supply.