Our social impact Our social impact

Because of the way Scott Bader is structured, we do not have to reward shareholders.  Instead, we focus on our social impact and provide money to charity and community causes and reinvest in R&D in order to continually develop improved technology that will benefit people and the environment.

We regard profit as just one of the measures of business success, necessary to sustain Scott Bader but also a means by which we can fulfil our purpose.

In support of our 2036 Vision our philanthropic disbursements and volunteering focus on the communities in which Scott Bader is based, across three main dimensions of:

  • Education & Legacy – investing in the education, training and development of not only our Members but local people to help them become agents for change, spreading the values of Scott Bader.
  • Social & Environmental Impact – responding to the most pressing social and environmental needs within the local areas we operate in, especially to young people and those facing poverty, disability, and disadvantage.
  • Foundation & Incubation – leveraging our skills, resources and networks via consulting, in-kind help and funding to assist science and socially-driven organisations supporting the above.

A focus on education, young people and the future ensures Scott Bader builds on its heritage and progress Ernest Bader’s hopes and meets the challenges of the modern world for speed, agility and innovation as we address our corporate as well as social and environmental responsibilities.