The difference our funding makes The difference our funding makes

Currently each year, 5% of our total profit is given to the Scott Bader Commonwealth to be donated to charitable activities and projects around the world.

Donations by the Charity Committee in 2020

Grants given from the Commonwealth Community Hardship Fund

  • Action in Africa, £1,300 – This funding will provide critical equipment such as sanitisers, soaps and masks as well as a radio campaign to educate listeners on Covid-19 in Nyaishozi, in the Kagera district of Tanzania.
  • African Children’s Fund, £1,000 – This funding will support the poorest families in the Thika Community, Kenya with care packages including food and sanitary supplies.
  • Aid Africa, £2,607 – This funding will allow for the purchase of 7.5 tonnes of maize to provide food for around 100 vulnerable families in Malawi.
  • Changing Life Organisation, £1,000 – This funding will provide awareness campaigns to educate surrounding communities in Georgedale and Hammarsdale South Africa on the symptoms and preventative measures to be taken during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Concern Worldwide, £3,859 – The projects main aim is to build long-term socio-economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic in the Central African Republic, reaching a total of 1,700 individuals through cash for work activities. This will create jobs to improve livelihoods.
  • Daylight Centre Fellowship, £3,000 – This amount will support the Northamptonshire Emergency Food Aid project in response to the Covid-19 crisis. The meals cost £1 per day, meaning this funding will provide 3000 meals to people in need.
  • Edukaid, £5,058 – This funding will provide the materials for the construction of 6 permanent hand-washing stations in schools in Tanzania.
  • Family Support Link, £4,925.52 – This funding will provide a support nurse for 7.5 hours a week to help support families who have a loved one with alcohol and drug issues.
  • Feeding America, £7,495 – This funding will allow the charity to address the rising need for food assistance due to unemployment because of Covid-19. They will work with food banks, soup kitchens and churches to deliver food to the areas most in need.
  • Frank Water Projects, £10,000 – This funding will go towards providing sustainable access to water, sanitation and hygiene education for communities in India.
  • Hope For Justice, £4,374 – This project, based in Uganda, specifically works with female sex trafficking victims offering a 12 week rehabilitation programme before being reintegrated into their families or alternative care arrangements.
  • Karen Hilltribes Trust, £5,250 – This funding will provide school meals for marginalised children in Northern Thailand.
  • Kids Out, £5,605 – This funding will provide a minimum of 92 Christmas toy boxes and 77 supermarket vouchers for victims of domestic violence entering women’s refuges in Northamptonshire and surrounding counties.
  • Livingstone Tanzania Trust, £5,000 – This funding will go towards a water, sanitation and hygiene project at a school in the Babati District, Tanzania. This will create a healthier school environment for 1,000 children.
  • Makhad Trust, £3,900 – This will fund the installation of solar powered well pumps in high mountainous areas of Egypt to replace the use of expensive petrol driven pumps.
  • Phoenix Foundation, £4,000 – This project, based in Liverpool, aims to care and support homeless people get clean of addiction and address their mental health issues in order to get back to mainstream society.
  • Practical Tools Initiative, £4,000 – This project aims to ship and distribute mobility aids, skills training tools and support of food items in Sierra Leone to help 300 of the most disabled vulnerable families in order to prevent children from having to scavenge for food.
  • Rushden Mind, £4,000 – This funding will help with the implementation costs of the Speak Up project which aims to act as an early intervention service for young people up to the age of 18 to address the risks associated with mental health problems.
  • Taste, £5,000 – This funding will go towards improving access to water, sanitation and hygiene which will improve the quality of life for 350 households in the Angwan Mission Community, Plateau State, Nigeria.
  • Thanda UK, £4,000 – This funding will allow distribution of food parcels on the South Coast of Kwazulu-Natal.
  • Trust for the rehabilitation of the paralysed, £2,000 – These funds will be used to support vulnerable and disabled people in Bangladesh who need support due to Covid-19.
  • Wollaston School, £9,510 – This funding will allow disadvantaged students to have access to the required technology when the need arises for self-isolation due to Covid-19.

Grants given from the Scott Bader UK allocation

  • Acorn Early Years Foundation, £4,600 – This is a pre-school nursery group for under 5’s in Burton Latimer. This funding will provide the completion of the building work for the outdoor classroom, the secret garden and vegetable planting areas to focus teaching and learning in the outdoor environment using natural resources where possible.
  • East Northants Community Services, £4,000 – This funding will be used to renovate the night shelter for the homeless in Rushden.
  • Northampton Saints Foundation, £3,400 – This funding will purchase the kit required to run the support the Engage Programme, working with young people aged 9-6 who are struggling to stay in mainstream education. This programme provides the young people with skills to improve their life chances through sport, education, CV Training and more.
  • Northamptonshire Association for the Blind, £1,200 – NAB are organising socially distanced activities for blind and partially sighted clients who have bene isolated due to Covid-19. This funding will provide the Hi-Viz Jackets and beanie hates required for these activities.
  • Oakfield Easton Maudit, £4,000 – This funding will enable adults with learning difficulties to live an active, dignified, and happy life with the items and resources needed to support their needs.
  • Serve Rushden, £4,375 – This funding will go towards the Befriending Service run in Northamptonshire to try to alleviate loneliness in the county.
  • Stand Against Violence, £3,650.50 – This funding will allow around 43 violence prevention workshops to be run in schools across Northamptonshire.
  • Stand Out Northamptonshire, £2,450 – This funding will allow the Charity to deliver at least 70 additional unique intervention sessions for looked after children or care leavers in Northamptonshire. This will give them access to mental health resources and services, extracurricular resources, and employment training.
  • Tall Ships Youth Trust, £1,500 – This funding will allow 10 vulnerable young people from Northamptonshire aged 12-25 years to sail in early 2021. The voyages will allow them to learn skills to get their lives back on track, including team and personal skills, employability and confidence building skills.
  • The Lewis Foundation, £3,724.50 – This funding will provide 6 months of care packages to adult cancer patients in Kettering and Northampton general hospitals.
  • The Lowdown, £4,000 – This funding will allow a face-to-face sexual health service one day a week, for people aged 13-25 from Northampton and surrounding areas.
  • Wildlife Trust BCN, £1,200 – This funding will be used to purchase the PPE and consumables needed in order to run the Youth Rangers at the Nene Wetlands project which is based in Rushden, Northamptonshire.
  • UK Nomination Scheme, £14,000 – Scott Bader Commonwealth Members received £100 to donate to a maximum of two charities of their choice.

Small grants given from Scott Bader UK allocation

  • Busy Bees Pre School, £50 – In support of their Christmas raffle
  • Friends of South End Infant School, £50 – In support of their Christmas Raffle
  • Mental Health Foundation, £100 – In support of Mental Health Awareness week.
  • Save the Children, £100 – In support of their Christmas Jumper Day
  • Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance, £100 – In support of the vital work carried out.

Grants given from the Life President Fund

  • Bolivian Quaker Education Fund, £250
  • British Pugwash Group, £250
  • Daylight Centre Fellowship, £500 – This funding will be used to provide PPE for the activities of the centre to continue in a Covid secure manner.
  • Peace Child International, £250
  • Positive News Trust, £250
  • Quaker Homeless Action, £250
  • Quaker Peace and Social Witness, £250
  • The Ghandi Foundation,£250
  • Victoria Centre, £5,000 – This funding will be used to update the IT equipment needed to run the centre effectively.
  • Wollaston Heritage Society,  £250

Grants given from the Scott Bader France allocation

  • For Senegal, £5,435 – This funding will go towards providing access to education for children in remote villages in Senegal.
  • La Bonne Case, £5,615 – This funding will go towards constructing a pig-sty at an Orphanage in Cameroon to provide food for the orphans resident there.
  • Les Restaurants de Coeur, £2,000 – This Charity provide food for the most vulnerable and the funding will be sued to purchase PPE for staff and volunteers and towards operational costs.
  • Relais Social, £4,450 – This funding will go towards providing workshops in order to help people overcome isolation in Amiens.
  • Secours Populaire de le Somme, £2,500 – This funding will go towards buying fresh produced for disadvantaged families in Amiens.

Grants given from the Scott Bader South Africa allocation:

  • Barney and Friends Early Childhood Development, £1,500 – This funding will go towards renovations of the outside shelter, paving and toilets used daily by children.
  • Christel House SA, £2,000 – This funding will be used to put the appropriate hygiene measures in school in Cape Town, South Africa, to ensure the school can open and run safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Food Forward SA, £1,500 – This funding will support operation costs of the Charity, who recover surplus food from the supply chain in order to reduce hunger across South Africa.
  • Global Vision International Charitable Trust, £1,300 – This project aims to provide reusable sanitary pads for girls in Cape Town Partnerships through an innovative school programme.
  • Hammarsdale and Cato Ridge Development Programme, £2,000 – This project aims to raise the profile of Small Medium and micro enterprise’s within Cato Ridge.
  • Khulani Creche, £1,500 – This funding will go towards renovating the toilets and building that the children use daily.
  • Siyabanakekla Creche, £1,500 – This funding will be sued to extend the classrooms and purchase the necessary equipment for the children to use.
  • The Love Ones of God Family Care Centre, £2,000 – The funding will go towards developing the central kitchen of the centre which provides 150 disadvantaged adults and children twice daily with food.
  • Wings Of Inspiration, £2,000 – The funding will go towards providing school uniforms, stationery and food parcels for disadvantaged families in Roodeport, Randfontein and Mpumalanga.

Grants given from the Scott Bader Middle East allocation:

  • Help In Need, £2,160 – This funding will go towards providing a safe and secure learning environment for children in the district of Suddhnoti, Pakistan.
  • MAAN Education and Health Development Organisation, £2,160 – This Charity aims to support the reopening and enrolment of public schools to ensure they have adequate cleaning and handwashing services. Teachers will also be given training to ensure a safe environment due to Covid-19.
  • Naya Qadam, £2,160 – The Charity build sustainable prosthetic limbs and provide them free of charge to amputees in impoverished countries. This funding will allow this service to be taken to Janakpur, Nepal.
  • Rainbow Centre Sri-Lanka, £2,160 – This funding will go towards extended the dining hall in order to provide food for over 130 children daily.
  • READ Foundation, £2,160 – This funding will go towards the provision of a library with books and furniture at READ college in Pakistan for underprivileged children.
  • Ruchika Social Service Organisation, £2,160 – The Charity aims to set up a techno-based skilling and rehabilitation initiative for slum youths in the Bhubaneswar and Puri District of India to restore the livelihood of their families.
  • SOS Childrens Village Philippines, £2,160 – The Charity supports children who have had to leave their family or lost a parent, through the provision of essential services and providing a full education for children.

Grants given from the Scott Bader ATC allocation

  • Centre d’ecoute et de prevention du suicide, £1,340 – The funding will go towards a marketing campaign for the Charity which aims to decrease mental health issues across Drummondville.
  • Comptoir Alimentare Drummond, £1,340 – This funding will go towards adding additional resource to reach more beneficiaries to alleviate hunger throughout Drummondville.
  • Fondation Le Tremplin De Drummond, £1,340 – This funding will be going towards providing video capsules promoting education and healthy lifestyles.
  • Fondation Rene Verrier, £1,340 – This funding will go towards proving healthcare and palliative care services for residents of Drummondville.
  • La Tablee Populaire, £1,340 – This funding will go towards proving meals for disadvantaged people in Drummondville, Canada.

Grants given from the Scott Bader INC allocation

  • Scott Bader INC nomination scheme, £2,970 – Scott Bader Commonwealth Members had an equal amount to donate to a charity of their choice.
  • £2,230 was used to fund local charities, including: Hickory Soup Kitchen, Greater Cleveland Food Bank, Akron/Canton Regional Food Bank, Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida, Second Harvest Food Bank of East Central Indiana, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, Cuyahoga Valley Conservancy, Battered Women’s Shelter of summit and Medina County, and The Cleveland Foundation.

Grants given from the Scott Bader Croatia allocation

  • International Association of Natural Health, £2,934 – The funding will support children aged between 3 and 19 years of age with natural remedies that have psychophysical disabilities. This project is being run from Zagrab, Croatia.
  • Mali Zmaj, £4,680 – This funding will be used for school related costs such as, trips, lunches, and transportation costs for 150 families with around 380 children in total.
  • Udruga Jak Kao Jakov, £4,680 – This organisation helps children with malignant diseases, by making products in Humanitarian workshops which are then used to raise the funds necessary for children currently in treatment.
  • Udruga Za promicanje kvalitete zivotapilatesom, £2,000 – This funding will enable the purchase of Pilates equipment in order to support people with MS in communities around Zagreb.

Grant given from the Scott Bader Sweden allocation

  • Barncancerfonden, £3,100 – This funding will go towards providing children with cancer a gift for Christmas.

Grant Given from the Scott Bader China allocation

  • Shanghai Charity Foundation, £4,700 – This will fund 20 Autistic children with free art therapy by providing teaching and equipment costs.

Grant given from the Scott Bader Dublin allocation

  • Barnardos, £3,300 – These funds will contribute towards Mulhuddart’s Family support Centre’s essential everyday food and support programme.

Grants given from the Scott Bader Eastern Europe allocation

  • Czech Blind United (SONS), £1,600 – This funding will go towards operational costs and costs of the activities of blind and partially sighted clients across the Czech Republic.
  • Helppes, £1,000 – These funds will be used to train an assistance dog for a client with diabetes.
  • Nadace Jedlickova Ustavu, £900 – This funding will go towards the cost of running three minibuses to transport children from Prague and surrounding areas to and from school.

Grant given from the Scott Bader Germany allocation

  • Artze Ohne Grenzen, £2,200 – This funding will go towards providing global and humanitarian aid in zones of conflict after natural disasters, during epidemics and provide long term care settings.

Grant given from the Scott Bader Spain allocation

  • Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge, £2,450 – This funding will go towards providing PPE for medical staff at the hospital which is needed due to Covid-19.