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Our Core Values

The values that define who we are

Our good intentions are translated into tangible actions and results by following our Core Values. Together, they help us ensure that our commercial, community and charitable ambitions are achieved.

Commitment & Delivery

We are committed to the principles of common trusteeship and making Scott Bader a successful and resilient organisation with longevity.
What this means in practice:

  • Working safely and in line with our operating procedures, to keep ourselves and our company safe
  • Looking out for the health and safety of others and challenging unsafe behaviours
  • Consider and reduce our environmental impact in all that we do
  • Being a positive ambassador for Scott Bader, acting ethically, respectfully and with honesty and integrity at all times
  • Keeping the promises we make
  • Using our values to guide our actions and decisions to create an inclusive culture
  • Taking everyday situations as an opportunity to learn and improve

Fairness & Compassion

We are fair, honest, and ethical in how we work with others, how we are treated and how we treat others at Scott Bader.
What this means in practice:

  • Respecting and embracing differences, treating others based on their need and creating an environment where everyone feels like they belong
  • Recognising that being inclusive and creating diversity is vital to our success
  • We are ethical in all our business dealings and strive to go beyond compliance
  • Ensuring that we truly are objective and impartial and create equal opportunities for everyone
  • Listening to and valuing the opinions of others and taking account of these when we make decisions
  • We treat each other with compassion and utilise support and advice available to ensure our own and colleagues health and wellbeing

Team Working & Innovation

We work co-operatively and in collaboration with colleagues, customers and suppliers to deliver excellence.
What this means in practice:

  • Driving responsible innovation and building on ideas to continuously improve what we do in all areas of the business
  • Supporting others and working towards being the best we can be for the whole organisation
  • Collaborating with internal and external partnerships across functional and geographical boundaries in support of company goals and priorities
  • Working towards consensus while respecting differences in opinion and accepting that we sometimes need to compromise
  • Completing actions on time so that others are not delayed
  • Freely sharing information

Responsibility & Empowerment

We each take personal responsibility in how we work to do the best for Scott Bader.
What this means in practice:

  • Taking responsibility for doing what is best for Scott Bader
  • Being accountable for the delivery of exceptional service to both our internal and external customers
  • Demonstrating maturity, dependability, reliability, and care in how we go about our work
  • Acting responsibly when things go wrong and working to find solutions
  • Being a responsible neighbour – minimising our environmental impact
  • Taking personal responsibility for our own behaviour and for our personal development to be the best we can be
  • Making the best possible use of our time
  • Challenging behaviour that undermines our values
  • Being open and honest in all our interactions
  • To actively engage with personal development opportunities and help others to learn and develop themselves

The future really is in our hands – empowerment and responsibility in equal measure. Our values provide the direction and framework required for us to make a positive difference and leave the organisation in a stronger position for future generations.