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The advantages of structural adhesives

The challenges structural adhesives help to solve

Structural adhesives negate the need to use mechanical fixings such as screws and bolts. These joining methods often require an additional production step (drilling a hole) and that hole could introduce a weakness in the material or a potential for moisture ingress. Using a structural adhesive can also save time by skipping this additional step.

Methacrylate (MMA) adhesives

Methacrylate adhesives are incredibly strong. Crestabond is our range of methacrylate adhesives, designed for demanding structural applications that require high strength.

Scott Bader’s Crestabond range bonds metals, composites, plastics and there is even a Crestabond product for joining difficult to bond, low surface energy polyolefins like polyethylene and polypropylene. It can even be used to bond dissimilar materials due to its exceptional flexibility.

Crestabond structural adhesives are primerless. That’s a big deal as it dramatically reduces production time, improving efficiency to allow you to make more parts in the same amount of time. It also reduces your costs and waste with no primer needed.

Want to save even more time? Good news, there is minimal surface preparation needed with Crestabond structural adhesives as well.

You can have confidence in the longevity of the finished product due to structural adhesives excellent fatigue and impact resistance. They are tough as well as strong.

Bonding on a vertical surface? Crestabond offers a non-sagging option. Can customers see where you’ve bonded? Crestabond offers a sandable structural adhesive so you can remove any excess and improve the aesthetic finish for your customers.


Urethane acrylate adhesives

Scott Bader’s famous Crestomer structural adhesives are renowned around the world.

Crestomer Urethane Acrylate adhesives can be as strong as methacrylate adhesives but often have greater elongation and flexibility. Just like methacrylates, they can be used to bond dissimilar materials.

They are also very tough. Just like Crestabond methacrylate adhesives, Crestomer urethane acrylate adhesives have excellent fatigue and impact resistance. They also have the added benefit of retaining their inherit toughness over time.

Both Crestabond and Crestomer structural adhesives offer further time and cost savings as they are room temperature cure systems. Meaning no additional expenses in adding heat which some other structural adhesives require.

Versatility is another key attribute. Crestomer structural adhesives are widely used in the marine industry, but they are also very useful for customers in land transport, wind energy, building and construction and the recreational vehicles market. The same can be said for Crestabond structural adhesives.