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Our history

How it all began

It all started in Finsbury Square, London in 1921, when Ernest Bader began developing and selling Celluloids in all its shapes and forms, such as the small windmills proudly placed on children’s’ sandcastle masterpieces.

Soon, he pioneered the first low viscosity nitrocellulose in England, which reduced the time to paint a car from days to hours, with a harder, glossier and more resistant finish. Such fast growth led to the business being made a private limited company in 1923, as Scott Bader & Co Ltd.

In 1951, Scott Bader became one of the first employee-owned UK companies as Ernest and the Bader family gifted their shares to the workforce through the formation of the Scott Bader Commonwealth, a charitable trust that holds the shares of the company.

Ever since, through robust strategic management and chemical manufacturing excellence, Scott Bader has innovated the global chemical industry and now operates in every continent, across 18 offices and 7 manufacturing sites.

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100 years of Scott Bader - Celebrating a centenary of partnering for success