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Scott Bader Commonwealth support move in boxes for young people in supported accommodation

In 2022, Scott Bader Commonwealth was delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside Oxfordshire Youth. Their aim is to ensure that every young person entering the Young People’s Supported Accommodation service was provided with a ‘move-in’ box, to help them settle into their new home feeling comfortable and welcomed.

Oxfordshire Youth also wanted to gain feedback from young people about their experience of joining the YPSA service, to help guide future changes and improvements.

These ‘move-in’ boxes are providing some of the essential day-to-day items that they either did not have, or had not thought to purchase.

Two years on, the Scott Bader Commonwealth donation has allowed:

  • Oxfordshire Youth to distribute ‘move-in’ boxes containing a wide variety of essential items to all young people entering the YPSA service
  • A comforting and supportive gesture to every young person entering the service, aiding their smooth transition into a new living environment

The ‘move-in’ boxes have been successfully received, with 100% of the young people reporting feeling satisfied or very satisfied with them.

Since the project began, the Oxfordshire Youth ‘move-in’ boxes have become a standard offering to all young people who enter the YPSA.

A fantastic project making a difference to young people in difficult circumstances. Well done to everyone involved!