Scott Bader Eastern Europe s.r.o.

Scott Bader Easter Europe s.r.o. was established in 1998 as a Scott Bader distributor in the Czech Republic. From the very beginning Scott Bader Eastern Europe distributed the whole range of Scott Bader products and ancillary materials in the Czech republic and Slovak republic, whilst at the same time serving as a base for sales expansion into the markets of Eastern Europe – Poland, Ukraine, Bielorussia and Russia.

The company is based in the Northwest of the Czech Republic in the town of Liberec, with a warehouse in the small town of Mimoň. Scott Bader Eastern Europe has experienced several ups and downs of Central and Eastern European markets within last 20 years. Today it is the market leader in the Czech republic.

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Scott Bader Eastern Europe
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 485 111 253