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Delivering value to society Delivering value to society

We aim to make a positive social impact wherever we operate, both internally through how we support our colleagues and externally, supporting local charitable and community causes.

Scott Bader Commonwealth Ltd, the registered charity which holds the shares of Scott Bader Company Ltd, ensures colleagues are empowered to fulfil their social and community obligations, and that we promote sustainable development to take better care of the planet.

Our strategic approach

In support of our 2036 vision, our giving and volunteering increasingly focuses on our local communities and in particular:

  • Education and legacy
    Investing in the education, training and development of local people.
  • Social and environmental impact
    Responding to the most pressing social and environmental needs, especially to young people and those facing poverty, disability, and disadvantage.
  • Foundation and incubation
    Leveraging our skills, resources and networks to assist science and socially driven organisations.