Functional Polymers Functional Polymers

Delivering innovation in water-based and solvent borne chemistries. Some of our products are not available in all countries. Please check with your local representative.

Crestacryl Crestacryl

Solvent acrylic resins with outstanding durability and toughness for industrial applications.

Crestakyd Crestakyd

Alkyd resins with excellent performance for industrial applications.


Texicryl Texicryl

A range of acrylic dispersions, including rheology modifiers for hand cleanser applications.

Texipol Texipol

A range of rheology modifiers to use in a variety of water-based formulations.

Texique Texique

A range of bio-based thickeners for the personal care market.

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A range of natural-based oils for the personal care market.

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