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Texicryl 13-013

Texicryl 13-013 is a styrene acrylic copolymer emulsion containing a plasticiser. As an externally plasticised binder suitable for water-proofing membranes, it is ideal for a range of paints, sealants, and soft filler applications. Having been specifically developed for sealants, acrylics, and highly filled putties, this copolymer emulsion has excellent adhesion and flexibility on substrates, even at low temperatures.

It is an emulsion liquid compatible with both concrete and masonry. Texicryl 13-013 possesses a solids content of 55% and a viscosity of 800 mPas, making it excellent in a variety of applications such as floor and roof coatings, or for primers and lacquers.

Texicryl 13-013 can be supplied in drums or IBCs or can be transported in bulk deliveries by road tanker. When storing this functional polymer, it should be kept at temperatures between 5°C and 30°C, and any exposure to frost should be avoided.

Please check with your local Scott Bader representative to discuss your needs and availability. For more information about our range of resins and polymers for the building industry, download our brochure below.

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