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Texicryl 13-023S

Texicryl 13-023 is an aqueous dispersion of a modified styrene acrylic copolymer, resulting in a high-performance water-resistant binder. This functional polymer is used in the manufacturing of high-performance ceramic tile adhesives, as well as mastic formulations, adhesives for expanded polystyrene tiles and glass fibre bonding tapes.

Due to the nature of its special emulsifier system, Texicryl 13-023 can be used with a variety of fillers including silicas, calcium carbonate and microdol. It is approved to meet the requirements for a range of UEATC and European standards, including CEN 1324 and EN 12004:2001.

Texicryl 13-023 has a good water holding capability and results in high-strength adhesive bonds, requiring a minimum film formation temperature of 27oC and a glass transition temperature of 30oC. Texicryl 13-023 is ready to be supplied in drums or IBCs, with bulk deliveries being carried by road tanker.

For more information on our range of Texicryl acrylic dispersions for building and decoration applications including adhesives, thickeners, fillers and primers, download our brochure below or get in touch today.

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