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Texipol 63-513

Texipol 63-513 is an easy to use, low viscosity inverse emulsion thickener, based on a significant proportion of bio-derived content. It is supplied as a pre-neutralised dispersion as the sodium salt of an acrylic copolymer, designed to produce a pseudoplastic rheology in aqueous based compositions.

Thanks to its wide-ranging pH compatibility, Texipol 63-513 is suitable for use with a variety of water-based adhesives and coating systems to provide a creamy consistency and a viscosity of more than 350 dPa.s. There is no need to adjust the pH of this thickener before use, or to include additives before activation, as it provides instantaneous thickening with typical dosages of 0.5-2.0%. Higher addition levels may be required for higher viscosities.

Our range of Texipol rheology modifiers are available in both drums and IBCs; speak to your local Scott Bader representative to discuss your needs and their stock availability.

To find out more about our Texipol range and our full selection of polymers for applications including hand cleansers, graphic arts, and textiles and furnishings, download our brochure below or get in touch today.

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