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Ethical purchasing policy

Scott Bader Group Purchasing

Scott Bader colleagues are expected to carry out our Purchasing business correctly, understanding the differences between right and wrong, using our own judgment in selecting suppliers of materials we purchase whilst working within our company values and principles.

Scott Bader will work with suppliers that act in a way which is aligned to Scott Bader values and will always take preference to work with suppliers of materials where their ethical and environmental policies are aligned with our own ethical values.

Scott Bader will always look to develop long-term partnerships with our suppliers which are mutually beneficial and will work closely to build relationships – Partner for Excellence – with suppliers which respect the ethical, fairness and environmental values of Scott Bader.


  • Manage the sourcing of our materials from suppliers with recognised accreditation within our industry
  • Work closely with Scott Bader development and suppliers to secure sustainable sourcing of materials
  • May audit suppliers and evaluate their procedures
  • Source from suppliers who demonstrate ethical and environmental practices
  • Manage supplier payments fairly and always pay within agreed terms
  • Maintain the highest standard of integrity when building relationships with our suppliers, reject any business practices which might reasonably be deemed improper, never use our authority or position for personal gain
  • Scott Bader will always reject suppliers which engage in unlawful practices or such practices as a violation of employee rights, discrimination against individuals or groups on the grounds of race, gender, age, nationality, or religious belief
  • Scott Bader will always approach suppliers where it appears the supplier is engaged in any such activities that are deemed improper (7) and will seek to address the situation with our supplier, if this fails, Scott Bader will source from an alternative supplier.

Raw material sourcing

Most of our raw materials are produced from crude oil using conventional Petrochemical processes, but we are working with our suppliers to secure raw materials from more environmentally friendly processes using non-crude oil or ‘Green/Bio’ feed materials and environmentally friendly processes. As these processes become available we will evaluate these materials and work with suppliers for a successful commercial partnership in the use of these materials in our own processes. We continually seek to source raw materials where possible from environmentally friendly and natural sources.

Scott Bader Purchasing of raw materials, goods and general services is always carried out with our values as set out in our articles of association section 28, and Scott Bader Group Purchasing will regularly review our supply base and always look to strengthen and improve our supplier partnerships.