Texipol 63-400

Texipol 63-400 is a rheology modifier that imparts pseudoplastic properties to aqueous-based compositions. It is supplied as a pre-neutralised dispersion as the sodium salt of an acrylic polymer. Texipol 63-400 provides almost immediate thickening without needing neutralisation or extra additives, helping to speed up production times and lower costs. With 4% in water, it creates a thickened viscosity of >35,000 mPa s.

Texipol 63-400 is ideal for thickening systems of pH>7, although it can be used from pH 5. It can be used in a wide variety of aqueous binder systems including PVA, SBR, and acrylic and styrene acrylic copolymers, and various adhesive, sealant and coating formulations.

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