Texicryl 13-313

Texicryl 13-313 is an alkali swellable thickener designed for water-based formulations and applications including textured coatings, wood stains, paints, and waterborne coating systems. This acrylic dispersion is a particularly ideal solution for when settling and sagging must be avoided, thanks to its high effectiveness in modifying viscosities at low shear rates.

As a hydrophobically modified alkali soluble thickener (HASE), Texicryl 13-313 can enhance the workability and technical performance of many products within the building and textiles industry. It has a viscosity of 25mPa s at 25°C, with a pH of 3 and a solids content of 30%.

Texicryl 13-313 can be supplied by your local representative in drums and IBCs, and bulk deliveries by road tanker are also available on request. All of our Texicryl range of acrylic dispersions should be stored in their original containers, away from extremes of temperature.

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