Texicryl 13-400

The cationic emulsion binder Texicryl 13-400 is a formaldehyde-free formula specifically designed for the digital printing, mordent and pigment dyeing process in textile applications. It delivers a high crock-fastness and washing performance, as well as a soft handle and excellent colour yield.

Texicryl 13-400 has a 48% solids content, a 500 mPa s viscosity at 25°C, a 250nm particle size, a pH of 3, and a glass transition temperature of 14°C.

Regulatory compliment for the European market only.

Supplied to you in 120kg drums or 1-tonne IBCs depending on location (please contact your local representative for specific details). Once delivered, this product should be stored in the original, unopened, and undamaged containers in a dry place between 5°C and 30°C and away from frost exposure.

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