Texicryl 13-308

Texicryl 13-308 is an alkali soluble emulsion with a pH of 3. It has been specifically formulated for use as a thickener for water-based formulations, for textile-based applications within the building and DIY sector, including ceramic tile adhesives, paints, and waterborne coating systems.

This thickener has a pseudoplastic behaviour with low shear and a viscosity at 25°C of 25mpa s, ideal for highly filled coatings in building applications.

Texicryl 13-308 is supplied in drums, IBCs, or by road tanker for larger, bulk orders. For best results, it should be stored away from frost and other extremes of temperature, kept in a dry area between 5°C and 30°C.

For more information about Texicryl 13-308 or any of our other Texicryl range of acrylic dispersions, download our product brochures below or get in touch to speak to a Scott Bader representative.

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