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Scott Bader Mocksville

Scott Bader Mocksville is a new $16 million manufacturing site based in Mocksville, North Carolina.

Announced in 2021, the significant investment saw Scott Bader North America acquire a 110,000 square foot industrial unit on a 15-acre site which, with further investment, will be developed into a state-of-the-art gelcoat and structural adhesives manufacturing facility.

Scott Bader Mocksville is our second North American manufacturing site. The new development is expected to create 27 new jobs locally, with 21 in manufacturing and the other roles shared across HR, R&D, commercial support and applications.

The new premises was specifically selected to tap into North Carolina’s growing advanced manufacturing sector. Scott Bader Mocksville will be built with modern design principles and operate to GMP conditions, manufacturing a range of innovative Scott Bader products.

Scott Bader Mocksville has begun production of our innovative structural adhesives and gelcoats. Click here to read more.

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