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Crestapol® 1250 Urethane Acrylate Resin

Crestapol 1250 is a low viscosity urethane acrylate resin. It is designed for pultrusion with maximum wet out for fibreglass, carbon fibre and other similar fibres. Though run times will vary depending on the complexity of the die, this resin can run very fast, resulting in very efficient pultruded products.

Crestapol 1250 is very tough and has high strength, creating composite parts that have excellent water and hydrolysis resistance. It has a fast cure, of just 5 hours at 80°C or 24 hours at 20°C, making it ideal for applications that require multiple components. The resin is also highly weather-resistant, showing little degradation in the finish when exposed to UV light, and is therefore suitable for multiple external applications.

Like most other resins within our Crestapol range, 1250 should be stored in an airtight container at 25°C, away from direct sunlight and any oxidising agents. To find out more about the properties and applications of Crestapol 1250, download our datasheet or contact us with your query.

We supply Crestapol 1250 in 25kg, 200kg and 1000kg containers; place your order or discuss your requirements with your local distributor today.

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