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Texipol 63-510

For water-based adhesives and coating systems that require a highly viscous and creamy consistency, Texipol 63-510 is an inverse emulsion thickener that imparts a highly pseudoplastic rheology with a viscosity of more than 100,000 mPa s. This thickener can also be used in aqueous blends with N-methylol pyrollidone and other polar solvents.

The Texipol 63-510 rheology modifier shows thickening across a pH range of 2 to 12, making it suitable for both acids and alkalis including citric, glycolic and phosphoric acid. Thickening is most effective at a more neutral pH composition however, with more acidic or alkaline environments taking longer to achieve maximum thickening.

As a pre-neutralised dispersion as the sodium salt of an acrylic copolymer, Texipol 63-510 doesn’t require any neutralisation or additives to activate thickening. It is supplied as an easy to use, low viscosity liquid in either drums or IBCs depending on your quantity requirements.

Take a look at our Texipol thickening example below to find out more about the capabilities of our range of rheology modifiers, and contact us today to discuss the needs of your business.

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    Texipol® Thickening Example