Working for us Working for us

Scott Bader is unique. We employ over 650 people globally (of whom over 300 are based in the UK). We are an independent, creative and reliable international business enterprise – ‘owned in common’ by all who work in it.  Our independence is ensured by our ownership with all the shares being held in charitable trust.

We are structured to empower our people, Scott Bader colleagues can become “Commonwealth Members” making them trustees-in-common of the company assets. The well-being of the organisation is entrusted to those who work in it, with democratic involvement. Each generation is charged with handing on the company to future generations in better condition than they inherited it. When you work with us, you have a democratic right to influence and make decisions on important issues that matter to you.

Ernest Bader, our founder, believed that a business should do more than just make a profit; it should be founded on ethical principles, be organised democratically and contribute to the good of the wider community. Scott Bader operates a matched funding scheme whereby the money raised by individuals organising or participating in activities for charity up to a maximum of £1000 in any year is matched £1 for £1 by the company.

Our self-governance structure provides significant additional dimensions to business and employment relationships and our interaction with the wider community:

  • As Scott Bader cannot be taken over, we can bring long-term stability and partnership to all business relationships.
  • Members’ responsibility creates greater commitment and engagement to ensure ongoing success and drives active involvement.
  • Our charitable status brings an obligation to the wider community.

Our values are at the heart of everything that we do in Scott Bader – Commitment, Responsibility, Team working and Fairness – and are accepted throughout the Scott Bader Group as the key principles we work by and are measured on.

The charitable trust, the Scott Bader Commonwealth Limited, distributes a proportion of our profits each year by making donations to charities which support economic and social development around the world.

Scott Bader is committed to providing learning, development and education opportunities for all colleagues, enabling everyone to learn about and implement our way of working; and attain the necessary level of competence individually and collectively to meet business and personal development requirements, in terms of legal, economic  and social performance.

What Makes Scott Bader A Great Place To Work?