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Wind energy

Scott Bader is a global manufacturer of composite materials supplying resins, gelcoats and adhesives to market leading wind turbine companies and independent blade builders. Our comprehensive range of products include materials for:

  • Nacelles and spinners
  • Wind blade manufacture and repair
  • Composite tooling

Among our recent product developments for blade production is Crystic® Ecogel which cuts styrene emissions by more than 50% compared with traditional polyester gelcoats. Crystic® Ecogel S0PA, a zero-styrene gelcoat, means that blade producers can eliminate styrene emissions altogether.


  • Exceptional aesthetic finish
  • Superior weathering resistance
  • Improved working environment with low or zero styrene gelcoats
  • High toughness and crack resistance
  • Enhanced productivity with snap curing coatings, adhesives and resins
  • Products designed for the manufacture of large structures
  • Lower energy costs for part manufacture

Key product ranges:

Wind Energy Innovations from Scott Bader

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