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Scott Bader appoints first ever full-time Global Members’ Board Chair to lead its industrial democracy

For the first time in its illustrious history, Scott Bader has appointed a full-time Global Members’ Board (GMB) Chair to lead its industrial democracy, as part of its employee-owned structure.

Previously a part-time role, the new full-time role has been appointed following an in-depth, two year review and update of Scott Bader’s Constitution that canvassed the opinion of all colleagues around the world. The exciting move follows other leading employee-owned businesses in having a dedicated and independent leader responsible for ensuring the employee voice is heard and acted upon.

Having a full-time Chair will offer the GMB a greater level of engagement to ensure they can express an independent view on behalf of Scott Bader colleagues, putting the voice of colleagues at the heart of everything Scott Bader does and making sure its industrial democracy flourishes. It also allows Scott Bader to once again be front and centre on the world stage in pioneering a different kind of business.

Scott Bader became employee-owned in 1951, entrusting the wellbeing of the company to the colleagues who make it what it is. The Global Members’ Board leads its international and industrial democracy. It gives Members a voice and is a diverse and inclusive body that fairly represents everyone’s interests.

Sam Boustred has been appointed full-time Chair of the GMB following a successful period as part-time Chair during Scott Bader’s Constitution review. Sam said: “This step forward was possible due to the shared vision held by our Governance groups that genuinely believe in industrial democracy. The Membership overwhelmingly supported the strengthening of the GMB in our constitution review and by creating a full-time position for the Chair we are demonstrating our commitment to the changes. I am honoured to take this position and play my part in ensuring that the Scott Bader Group continues to provide the best possible service to our stakeholders.”