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Scott Bader Mocksville join local Chamber of Commerce

Scott Bader Mocksville is pleased to announce it has joined the Davie County Chamber of Commerce.

Scott Bader is a new resident in Davie County, having announced a new $16M manufacturing site in Mocksville during October 2021. The new development is expected to create 27 new jobs locally, with 21 in manufacturing and the other roles shared across HR, R&D, commercial support and applications.

Through its visionary founder Ernest Bader, and the Scott Bader Commonwealth, Scott Bader has been focused on making a positive difference to its wider communities since 1921. One example of this community focus is every Scott Bader employee is given a fully paid volunteering day every year to volunteer within their local community.

For over 50 years the Davie County Chamber of Commerce has served the business community as the catalyst of business growth and economic development. They believe in working together to promote a strong and vibrant business community throughout Davie County.

After joining the Chamber of Commerce, Scott Bader Mocksville colleagues are looking forward to meeting the local community and getting involved in community events.

Click here to learn more about Scott Bader’s new manufacturing site in Mocksville.