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How often do you come across an organisation that has endured the corporate rigours for a century? The behemoth of experience and adroitness that such an organisation brings to the table can be a treasure trove for any industry. Celebrating its centennial, Scott Bader brings the same expertise to the adhesive industry. Employee owned since 1951, the company is a global manufacturer of adhesives, resins, gelcoats, and functional polymers.

Today, modern organisations across industries require high-performance adhesive materials with immense structural strength and resistance to fatigue for various industrial applications. Besides, with dynamic product requirements and changing regulatory regimes, they need adhesives that meet those requirements without compromising quality. To that end, Scott Bader offers three brands of adhesives: Crestabond®, Crestafix®, and Crestomer® for various industrial applications.

The company’s Crestabond range includes primerless methyl methacrylate (MMA) structural adhesives that deliver several benefits, including a significant increase in production efficiency and reduced consumable costs, dust emissions, and preparation time. On the other hand, the Crestafix range offers general purpose to high-performance bonding pastes that render a range of densities, long or short working times, low shrinkage, and other benefits to a variety of applications based on an organization’s requirement. Finally, for demanding marine applications, Scott Bader’s Crestomer range comprising urethane acrylate structural adhesives offer impeccable impact and fatigue performance, low VOC emissions, considerable weight savings compared to traditional glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) joining techniques, and several other benefits.

Another distinguishing factor of Scott Bader is its in-house testing facility where the company’s engineers perform tests related to a client’s products, substrates, and other parameters, enabling the clients to ascertain the efficiency of Scott Bader’s adhesives for their particular application. More importantly, Scott Bader boasts an industry-leading technical support team that offers complete technical support to the clients throughout their product life cycle. “Whenever our clients have a bottleneck in their system, our team reviews their entire process and provides the solution to mitigate those pain points,” remarks Tom Gast, Area Sales Executive for Adhesives in North America at Scott Bader.

Scott Bader caters to a diverse range of markets, including marine, land transport, building and construction, wind energy, among others. An example of the company’s expertise is the success story of an automotive company that faced a time-bound challenge of reducing the weight of their supercar, which prevented them from passing a specific testing. Working on a short timeframe, Scott Bader leveraged its experience to offer a solution; a resin and structural adhesive system to bond the structural component, which helped in light-weighting the supercar. “Within 18 months of partnering with Scott Bader, we helped the OEM automotive client to pass all the testing and start production,” extols Art.

The company has a global footprint with 15 offices across countries with manufacturing sites worldwide. “All our facilities are ISO 9001 certified, and we offer an excellent level of consistency throughout all of our facilities for our products, technical support, and testing expertise,” states Gast. The company lays most emphasis on sustainability, through their 2036 vision, and uses 100 percent renewably sourced electricity for its UK and Croatia operations. “We continually invest in our research and development processes to innovate new products that not only meet requirements of the future but are also sustainable and less hazardous,” concludes Ingrid.