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Scott Bader’s 10 sustainability highlights of 2021 (so far!)

To mark the United Nations World Environment Day on 5th June, we are sharing Scott Bader’s 10 sustainability highlights from 2021 so far!

  1. World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Programme
    We have joined World Land Trust (WLT) Carbon Balanced Programme to offset the annual carbon emissions of the Scott Bader Group. Our £50,000 donation will offset our global carbon dioxide emissions in 2020 through the protection and restoration of carbon-rich habitats. We are committed to offsetting our carbon emissions every year.
  2. World Land Trust Buy an Acre Programme
    For every £100 donation to the Buy an Acre programme, a WLT partner can purchase one acre of habitat and protect it in perpetuity for wildlife. As we have 15 sites, we donated £1500, 15 acres for 15 sites. The donation will be used to support a project in Argentina called the Chaco Taguá Biological Corridor, that aims to buy land to protect large areas of the Chaqueña ecoregion.
  3. Wolfgang Reforest project in Ireland
    Scott Bader Ireland’s donation to a reforestation project in Co Wicklow, Ireland was used to plant 84 trees in the Wolfgang Forest.
  4. Polymer Mimetics making good progress
    Our joint venture with the University of Liverpool, Polymer Mimetics, has recently received and started to use synthetic chemistry equipment needed for the development of biodegradable polymers.  They have also won £70k of Innovate UK funding to research biodegradable polymers for next generation sunscreens.

  5. Texique bio-based thickeners are launched
    Recently launched, our new Texique products are innovative thickeners and emulsifiers for the personal care market, manufactured from at least 60% naturally derived ingredients, none of which are animal-based. Texique products are also completely ethylene oxide free.

  6. Innovative sustainable production process for pipe liners
    We have been working with SAERTEX MultiCom Group on a new sustainable production process for their pipe liners: SAERTEX-LINER® Upgreen. The process uses our unsaturated polyester resins (UP resins) which are manufactured with a new, climate-friendly production method. This process will result in savings of more than one million kilograms of CO2 a year!
  7. We have achieved our silver EcoVadis award
    EcoVadis provides Corporate Social Responsibility ratings for thousands of global supply chains, and we are delighted to receive a silver award for 2021.
  8. Scott Bader France achieves ISO 50001 approval for energy management
    What is ISO 50001?  ISO 50001 provides a framework of requirements to: develop a policy for more efficient use of energy, fix targets and objectives to meet the policy, use data to better understand and make decisions about energy use, measure the results, review how well the policy works, and continually improve energy management.
  9. Our first EESG Report is on the way
    We are about to publish our first EESG  – Environment, Employee & Social, Governance – report.  The Ecology element of the report has involved collecting data on our environmental footprint and using this information to agree our Group priorities to reduce our environmental impact.
  10. Scott Bader joins Royal Society of Chemistry PLFs task force
    Scott Bader has joined the RSC’s new task force to map out a sustainable future for PLFs – Polymers in Liquid Formulations.

We continue to work towards becoming a fully sustainable company by 2036. We look forward to sharing more sustainability highlights along the way!