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Scott Bader Commonwealth grant used to transform a primary school in Tanzania

In May 2019, the Livingstone Tanzania Trust (LTT) received a £25,000 grant from the Scott Bader Commonwealth Central Fund.  Since then the LTT has been busy putting the grant to good use on a primary school project to build a double classroom block with an office and a school kitchen. When complete, the new primary school block will ensure access to a good quality education for 720 children from the local Sawe community.

Community is very much at the heart of the success of this project. In fact, a core principle of the LTT is that of self-help and the belief that the communities they work with are their own ‘agents of change’.  This project is a great example of that principle in practice and ensuring the community works in partnership with them. Julian Page, Director and Founding Trustee of the LTT explains;

“In August, the community, having provided all the bricks, dug and laid the foundations and have completed the walls up to head height which marks the end of their contribution.  It is always so exciting to work with a community so motivated to bring about change.”

Whilst there is still a way to go, work on the school is progressing exceptionally well.  Julian continues;

“The walls are now fully completed, the lintels added and the termite proofed roof frames and roof added.  The window and door frames will soon be added and the plastering can begin. We are very much on target to open the classrooms to the new cohort when term starts in the New Year.”

The small team of teachers have been watching the progress with anticipation and look forward to having a school that can accommodate even more children from the local area.  According to the Chairman of the School Development Committee, children who previously attended schools further away will soon be able to attend one closer to home enabling them to arrive on time, less tired and therefore more alert during the school day. This, along with their free school lunch, is a huge benefit to their education.

We are delighted that better schooling is on the horizon for many children in the Sawe community of Tanzania, and that these new classrooms will soon be filled with engaged and happy children!