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Scott Bader Commonwealth support UOCEAN

UOCEAN 2050 is a pioneering, practical, and non-profit charitable initiative based in the UK. Their primary mission is to combat river and ocean plastics and restore marine ecosystems working with minority and stigmatised communities. Working alongside local business, schools, and groups, UOCEAN are educating and raising awareness of ocean conservation.

Their mission is to remove 1 billion kilos of plastics from canals, rivers and oceans. Working with isolated and disadvantaged communities across Northamptonshire and the UK, public volunteers and offsetting rangers collect any litter seen by all methods, including by kayak, foot, boats, flying, diving and more.

In 2023, the Scott Bader Commonwealth donated £4,000 to enable them to purchase essential equipment and cover some operational costs, alongside empowering volunteers to collect and responsibly manage canal plastics, safeguarding marine life and our environment.

Alongside UOCEAN’s regular clean ups, they are working on the implementation of plastic prevention systems to prevent macro plastics from entering waterways. They are also replanting reeds and native river plants to restore inner city water ways and marine ecosystems, creating habitats and sequestering carbon.

Scott Bader Commonwealth also had the opportunity to donate a total of £15,000 over the past 4 years. At the core of our ethos is to make a positive difference to our local communities. We are proud that we can achieve this by supporting UOCEAN in Northamptonshire and the work they carry out across the UK.

Scott Bader have a long history and affinity in the marine market, supplying our market leading products globally to some of the worlds most renown boatbuilders. We are pleased to support UOCEAN and help reduce plastic waste in our local UK canals and rivers whilst continuing to support boatbuilders the world over.