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The Winners Of Scott Bader Commonwealth’s Group Charity Fund 2017 – Including a Special ‘Thank You’ Video from African Initiatives

As we have no shareholders, Scott Bader’s Commonwealth Members worldwide vote at our AGM. In addition to the usual business the resolutions passed were:

1. The amount from the profits to be donated to Scott Bader Commonwealth Limited to support its charitable giving

2. The amount allocated for the Group Staff Bonus and how it is to be distributed.

We are delighted to announce the four successful charities receiving the most votes, from the six put forward, to receive £25,000 each from the Group Charity Fund were:

(1) African’s Initiatives – to complete the final year of their ‘School AIDS Free Generation Project’ in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, which works with 1,792 Primary school children, parents, teachers and community members in areas with high levels of AIDS orphans. The project increases awareness and understanding of HIV, dispels harmful myths and provides early intervention, testing, treatment, care and counselling.

We were very lucky to receive this very special thank you from African Initiatives:

(2) EDUKAID – to build 3 pre-primary classes in rural Mtwara, Southern Tanzania and to fund a teacher and teaching assistant for each of these, thereby providing a learning environment and the chance of a better life for up to 400 children.

(3) Pump AID – to build water pumps and sanitation facilities at two Community Based Childcare Centres (pre-schools) in Malawi, improving life chances for young children and their communities. The project will give 1,400 people access to safe water, teach safe hygiene and sanitation practices and boost nutrition through kitchen gardens, dramatically reducing child illness and mortality rates and improving attendance and achievement in early years

(4) Self Help Africa – to provide employment opportunities for 600 vulnerable young people in a rural and poverty stricken region of Northern Uganda. To achieve this, young people will receive the education, resources and support they need to build profitable livelihoods in the agriculture sector.

We hope the donations can help lives around the world!